Diamond Blades & Tools

Increase productivity with our diamond blades & wire

From general purpose to more specific-use solutions, our top-quality diamond blades and floor saw blades are long lasting, fast, and ideal for a wide range of materials from very hard concrete to softer and more abrasive materials. Our diamond wire makes concrete and hole cutting look easy and efficient, including steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

  • 200 Series Diamond Blades

    200 Series Diamond Blades

    200 Series

    A general purpose blade with excellent life and speed on a broad range of materials from extremely hard concrete to more softer abrasive concrete. For extreme performance on handheld power cutters. Available in 12" to 16" and designed for low HP Floor saws or Hand Held Power Cutters the 200 series is an ideal all-rounder for any contractor.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • 220 Series-Hard Concrete with steel
    • 250 Series-General purpose combination blade
    • 280 Series-Asphalt and Green Concrete

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