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Increase productivity with our diamond blades & wire

From general purpose to more specific-use solutions, our top-quality diamond blades and floor saw blades are long lasting, fast, and ideal for a wide range of materials from very hard concrete to softer and more abrasive materials. Our diamond wire makes concrete and hole cutting look easy and efficient, including steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

  • WS1200 Diagrip Series Wall Saw BladesWS1200 Diagrip Series Wall Saw Blades

    WS1200 Diagrip Series Wall Saw Blades

    WS1200 Wall Saw

    Diagrip€€_€€, a revolutionary new technology for manufacturing segments, which yields superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut. ® Also available with 3,8 mm blade thickness, for low-powered electric saws. ® Three-groove segment design, ®€€_€€__four segments in one®, to optimise segment cooling and disposal of saw slurry. This provides extremely good cutting speed and blade life.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • WS1210.0600 24"/600mm
    • WS1210.0800 32"/800mm
    • WS1210.1000 40"/1000mm
    • WS1210.1200 48"/1200mm

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