Husqvarna Power Cutters

Hard working Husqvarna power cutters & ring saws

Our range of versatile and functional Husqvarna power cutters offer better output with less vibrations, cleaner air, and reduced fuel consumption. Our high performing hydraulic ring saw range has a unique power / weight ratio, guaranteed to get the job done on time and to budget. These ring saws and Husqvarna power cutters are ideal for alterations, renovations, construction, landscaping and road work. The Hose 2 Go water supply unit is the perfect companion for many of these tools for both cooling and dust suppression.

  • K760.14 Power Cutter

    K760.14 Power Cutter


    The Husqvarna K760 is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market. Equipped with the new generation Active Air Filtration, one of the market's most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems and SmartCarb, a built-in automatic filter compensation and a highly efficient vibration dampening system. The K760 is outfitted with an X-Torq® engine that reduces emissions up to 75% and lowers fuel consumption by 20%. Other important features include DuraStarter®, a dust-sealed starter that boosts reliability and product life. The K 760 is ideal for cutting concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is also perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as some pipe, asphalt and metal cutting. It's also ideal for cutting of curbstones, pavers and asphalt in landscaping and roadwork. This unit backed by Youngman Richardson's award winning back-up service makes the Husqvaran K760 the one to choose.

    Brand: Husqvarna

    $1,925.00 +GST

    $1,925.00 +GST


    • Engine specifications:
    • Cylinder displacement 73.5 cm3 / 4.48 cu.inch
    • Power output 3.7 kW
    • Cutting equipment:
    • Blade diameter 350 mm / 14"
    • Max cutting depth 125 mm / 5"
    • Overall Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 9.8 kg