Dust & Slurry Control

Quality dust & slurry control for NZ conditions

Our dust fighters and collectors have been designed for superior dust suppression and dust control, and are excellent for both wet and dry applications.

Our portable and versatile dust fighter with a trailer and generator offers very effective dust suppression and control on construction sites, demolition sites, and waste management sites. This dust fighter features remote control operation and has coverage of 30 – 40 m. Our Husqvarna dust suppression and control units offer outstanding suction and filtration technology for even the most demanding conditions, designed and manufactured to effectively eliminate airborne dust.

The team at Youngman Richardson are experts when it comes to dust control and suppression, contact one of the team today to find out more about our range of dust fighters and collectors.

  • DF7500 Dust Fighter with Trailer and Generator

    DF7500 Dust Fighter with Trailer and Generator


    DF Ecology from Towerlight offer a full range of Dust Suppression Systems to assist with controlling airborne dust on construction and demolition sites and waste management sites. Powered by 3 phase electric motors and requiring standard hose pressure and flow to run the DF Dust Fighters are extremely portable and versatile. Available in various options with either a site trailer or road trailer, remote controlle and powered by a portable silenced generator.

    Brand: Df Ecology




    • Coverage 30 to 40 m
    • Oscillation option of up to 335 degrees
    • Complete with a two wheels undercarriage and tow bar with fork lift pockets or galvanised tandem road trailer.
    • 2 x Height adjustable stabilizers (site trailer option only)
    • Control panel
    • Integrated booster pumps to control the correct working pressure
    • Flowmeter
    • Phase inverter
    • Automatic oscillation system managed from the control panel; the range of work can cover from 0��_��__��_��___ to 335��_��__��_��___
    • Pump for chemical additives (Option)
    • Remote control to switch the Dust-Fighter On & Off Pump On & Off & electrical rotation (Option)
    • The DF7500.TG comes complete with a road legal tandem trailer and silenced Denyo DCA25ESK.DA Silenced Generator

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