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We stock a quality range of light towers, including manual mast light towers, portable link light towers, stand-alone light towers, mobile light towers, and a “green” range of hybrid light towers. Our light towers are wind certified for outdoor use, and are ideal work for construction sites, road work and maintenance, civil engineering and the rental industry. We also offer an excellent spare parts and back-up service facility.

  • Light Tower Portable TL6 5.5m

    Light Tower Portable TL6 5.5m


    Towerlight TL6 Portable light tower is a portable light tower on wheels with a power pack included to suit your needs. Either choose a 7 kva petrol Subaru generator or a 7kva/200 amp welder generator to make this unit the ideal work tool for construction sites, roading, civil engineering and maintenance. Pneumatic tyres, a central lifting point and a 5.5 wind up galvanised mast make the TL6 extremely easy to maneuver. Wind rated to up to 80 km/h with 4 x 500 watt halogen lights with extra generator capacity and the option of a welder/generator make this a perfect contractors or rental tool.

    Brand: Towerlight




    • Maximum height 5.5m
    • Galvanised steel telescopic mast
    • Manual winch with brake maximum load capacity 350 kg
    • 4 x 500 watt halogen lights
    • Certified wind stability until 80 km/h
    • Designed to take either a Subaru powered SE20 series 7 kva generator or welder/generator
    • 2 large pneumatic tyres
    • Fold-up handles
    • Central lifting point
    • 2 height adjustable stabilisers

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