Material & Glass Handling Lifts

Material & Glass handling equipment from our excellent Genie & Wienold range

We stock a quality and reliable range of access equipment, and our glass and material handling equipment has a counterbalance weight system that can easily lift weights over obstacles and up against walls. Our glass handling equipment makes working with heavy loads that much easier and safer.

  • GML800 Glass and Material Lift

    GML800 Glass and Material Lift


    The new GML800 Lift series redefines the handling of heavy loads in a completely new way. The range offers unparalled safe working loads for material lifts of this type. The GML Range comes in a number of versions, powered by AC 240 volts, DC with battery packs or a manual winch. The GML800 allows up to 900kg to be lifted up to 3.5m or up to 800kg to a height of 7.9m.

    Brand: Wienold-Lifts




    • Glass lifting attachment: Compact for ease of transport
    • Fork lift pockets for easy loading
    • Quality construction