• Diamond Wire

    Diamond Wire


    Sawing with Diamond Wire is the simplest and most efficient way to remove large concrete comstructions, or to make holes in thick walls. A wire saw is easy to use. Its powerful and flexible which also makes it perfect for smaller jobs. Husqvarna wire makes sawing easy thanks to its inique design that increases the friction between the wire and the drive wheel. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth, and our unique diamond tools enable you to cut very complex structures, both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • C1000-The Universal Wire. Designed for lower end powered wire saws. Designed for cutting in medium to hard reinforced concrete. Can be used in extreme conditions like dry cutting and iron sawing. Cuts faster and lasts longer then standard electroplated/sintered wire.44 beads per meter.
    • C1200-The High End Wire. developed for very heavy demolition jobs like nuclear decommissioning and extremely accurate sawing of oil rigs and heavily reinforced concrete. Designed for wire saws up to 20 kw. 53 beads per meter

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