Masonry & Tile Saws

Precision cutting with brick & tile masonry saws

Durable range of masonry and tile saws. Our brick table saws have a robust one-piece frame with improved protection against impacts, and our tile saws come with a strong and low maintenance guide rail system for precise cutting of large tiles, offering a professional quality finish. All our brick and saw tiles are easy to move around and operate.

  • TS300E Brick Saw

    TS300E Brick Saw


    Universal table saw with sturdy, one-piece frame with integral raceways that provide great rigidity and increased protection against impacts.

    Brand: Husqvarna

    $1,950.00 +GST

    $1,950.00 +GST


    • Water pump
    • Motor alternative
    • High cutting capacity
    • Solid construction with protected guide rails.
    • Foldable legs for easier transport and handling.
    • Large table to handle bigger materials.
    • Can plunge or cut at 45��_��__ for maximum versatility.
    • Highly efficient waterpump
    • 230 Volt single phase
    • 2700 watt