• WS440HF High Frequency Wall Saw

    WS440HF High Frequency Wall Saw


    The Husqvarna WS 440 HF electric wall saw sets a new standard, giving the operator increased possibilities for fast and efficient cutting. The adjustable speed with retained power allows the operator to find the ideal speed for each blade dimension, blade type and cutting material. This means that the diamonds cut with very high efficiency. This, combined with the capability to cut in both directions on each side of the track, as well as the possibility to choose rotation direction and control the water spray, makes the Husqvarna WS 440 HF unique. Moreover, it is user-friendly, ergonomic and easy to transport. The WS 440 HF is based on the same saw system as our hydraulic wall saws the WS 462 and WS 463, with modular design, quick connection and radial connection.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • Water-cooled electric motor gives constant high power to the spindle over a wide rpm range for faster and more efficient sawing.
    • The spindle has variable rpm control which gives optimized speed for each cutting application and is operated by a wireless remote control.
    • Both feeding motors and blade drive motor can be operated individually at maximum power for more efficient and faster sawing.
    • The wireless remote control has an ergonomic design with a large and clear display which shows the current performance of the saw.
    • The blade?s direction of rotation can be adjusted by the wireless remote control which gives water spray in the desired direction.
    • Symmetric track and carriage enable sawing on both sides of the track.
    • The blade guard is extremely durable light and easy to install.