• AV130X Heavy Tandem Vibrating Roller

    AV130X Heavy Tandem Vibrating Roller


    Ammann AV X tandem rollers were developed to meet the demand of today's road building projects worldwide to compact asphalt sub-layers and wearing courses as well as gravel and soil. The unique design reflects the combination of high-performance compaction and operator-safety and comfort.

    Brand: Ammann




    • Operation weight 13030kg
    • Operating width 2100 mm
    • Centrifugal force 130/100kn
    • Frequency 52/55 vpm
    • Power by Cummins 4BT4.5-C116
    • Optimum view of the drum surface
    • Easy access to the sprinkler system
    • Spacious extensively glazed cab
    • Clearly-arranged dashboard
    • Rotating and sliding driver's seat
    • Protection through integrated ROPS/FOPS
    • Adjustable steering wheel and seat
    • Powerful reliable engine
    • Two independent pumps for traction and vibration
    • Crab steering with 160 mm offset on both sides
    • Outstanding maneouvrability
    • Ideal vibration parameters