• HTC D20 Dust Collector/Vac

    HTC D20 Dust Collector/Vac

    HTC D20

    The HTC D20 is a single phase dust collector with two HEPA H13 filters and can handle the finest concrete dust. The machine is easy to use with puncture-proof tyres and locks on the front wheels. It's also equipped with an hour meter, vacuum gauge and Longpac system for safe dust handling.

    Brand: HTC




    • Airflow indicator to find out when it's time to clean or change filters.
    • Easily and effectively clean the primary filter to maintain high airflow.
    • Handle dust easily and safely in Longopac® collection bags.
    • HTC D20 is in compliance with the highest international standard “H”. (IEC-60335-2-69, EN60335-2-69) for your safety.
    • Dust extractors effectively separate the dust into three steps with a whirler, primary filter and HEPA H13 filter.
    • Width 546 mm
    • 1 x 230 V
    • Maximum theoretical airflow 400 cubic M / hr

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