• HTC D60 Dust Collector/Vac

    HTC D60 Dust Collector/Vac

    HTC D60

    The HTC D60 is a dust collector specifically designed for floor grinding with the DURATIQ range. A 3.5-inch LCD display provides information that means you can achieve optimum dust extraction - airflow, under-pressure and filter status. 

    Brand: HTC




    • A digital control panel (HMI) with a 3.5-inch LCD display provides clear and sharp information even at a distance. Read off airflow, under-pressure and filter status at a glance.
    • Choose automatic filter cleaning and the machine will handle filter cleaning on its own as needed.
    • Ergonomically designed bypass valve. Easily open and close the valve with one hand without the risk of injury.
    • Dust on the main filter is removed easier and quicker thanks to the filter’s PTFE (teflon) coating. Provides better airflow through the filter and consequently better dust extraction.
    • Large duck bill valve (Ø 29cm) with a flexible rubber valve empties the cyclone of dust, safely and effectively. The innovative design with rubber instead of a conventional flap reduces the risk of dust bag puncturing.
    • Width 680 mm
    • 3 x 230 or 3 x 400 V
    • Maximum theoretical airflow 600 cubic M / hr

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