• DF3000 Self-Contained Dust Fighter with Trailer

    DF3000 Self-Contained Dust Fighter with Trailer


    Generac offer a full range of Dust Suppression Systems to assist with controlling airborne dust on construction and demolition sites and waste management sites. DF3000 ELEVATOR, is a compact solution ideal for small demolitions and events. It can be used for dust suppression of for cooling. Protected and robust it’s an ideal rental product. Easy to use and easy to prepare: simply connecting the DF3000 ELEVATOR to the water main and operate the machine ingine. The machine will spray a very thin fog, made of microscopic particles all around reaching up to 30 meters in best weather conditions.

    Brand: Generac




    • Telescopic vertical mast (max. height: 5M - Hydraulic)
    • Weight 1200 kg
    • Fan power 3 kw
    • Booster Pump 2.2 kw
    • Coverage 30 M (No Wind)
    • 335° Rotation
    • Nebulizer cannon (foldable for transport)
    • Telescopic mast with double crank winch
    • Kubota Powered 11 kva Generator
    • High pressure washer connection
    • Water Consumption 30 L/Min
    • 12 nozzles

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