• MDF DUO MINI Dust Fighter

    MDF DUO MINI Dust Fighter


    Generac offer a full range of Dust Suppression Systems to assist with controlling airborne dust on construction and demolition sites and waste management sites.The Dust Fighter DF Mini Duo is a portable dust control unit with two satellite heads able to spry the nebulized water up to 8 metres each. This model has been specifically designed for use on asbestos removal jobs, since the absence of a fan allows the operator to suppress the asbestos dust without moving it in the air. In the main unit and the two satellites there is a total absence of protruding parts so that the machine can be easily washed to eliminate safely every leftovers of asbestos dust.

    Brand: Generac




    • 70 Ltr Tank
    • Weight 1200 kg
    • Booster Pump
    • Closeable for easy transport
    • Able to connect to mains - 240 V
    • Nozzel Spray 80º to 150º
    • c/w 3 Different Nozzels
    • Low - Coverage 83 S/qm, Duration 1 Hr 20 Mins, Distance 8 M
    • Medium - Coverage 64 S/qm, Duration 2 Hr 25 Mins, Distance 7 M
    • High - Coverage 33 S/qm, Duration 5 Hr 18 Mins, Distance 5 M
    • C/W Second Satelite head

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