• FIRE 25 Infra-Red Diesel Heater

    FIRE 25 Infra-Red Diesel Heater


    The FIRE 25 is a diesel-powered, oil fired radiant heater with an output of 26kW (89,000 BTUs / Hr) and is ideal for "spot" heating in workshops and construction areas. Ideal for areas where noise reduction and minimal disturbance of dust is a requirement. 

    As with all direct fired heaters, the FIRE 25 must be used in a well ventilated environment. The fuel tank has a capacity of 43 litres and is able to support over 15 hours of continual operation.

    Brand: Biemmedue




    • Direct heat flow by radiation with no movement of air
    • Low noise level
    • Possibility of interface with thermostat, humidistat or timber
    • AISI 430 stainless stell combustion chamber
    • Outer cover cooled by forced air over the complete surface of the cone
    • Timed post ventilation to cool the combustion chamber
    • Shockproof rotomoulding polythene fuel tank
    • Screw-on fuel cap
    • Fuel drain plug
    • Possibility of directing th cone and clocking it in position
    • Lifting hooks
    • Rated heat power 2nd stage - Hs(kW): 25.8 Hs (kcal/h - BTU/h): 22.185-88.294
    • Heat Efficiency: 100%
    • Fuel Consumption: 1st - 2nd stage (kg/h) 2.04
    • Power consumption 230V: 140W
    • Electrical Power: (V - ph - Hz) 230 - 1 - 50
    • Tank Capacity: 43L

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