• VAL6 EPX1 Diesel Fueled Infra-Red Heater

    VAL6 EPX1 Diesel Fueled Infra-Red Heater


    The VAL6 series lineup has everything you need in a space heater. Whether you're looking for portability, efficiency, power, or all of the above, the VAL6 series has the perfect heater for you. Browse our products, and see for yourself why VAL6 has the best space heaters on the market.EPX is the VAL6 Series' most powerful, yet efficient model ever. With the enlarged combustion chamber, 20% larger radiation disk and improved atomization, the coexistence of power and economy is now possible. EPX features a state of the art High/Low output control that enables its user to choose between a high or low output setting, thus making it very economical

    Brand: Shizuoka




    • Heat Output High: 140000 BTU/hr
    • Low: 100000 BTU/hr
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    • Fuel ConsumptionHigh: 3.19 kg/h
    • Low: 2.23 kg/h
    • Tank Capacity 58 ltrs
    • Operating Time per Full Tank High: 15 hours
    • Low: 20 hours
    • Power Source 240V 50Hz
    • Power Consumption (in ignition) 115 W
    • Power Consumption (in operation) High: 92 W
    • Low: 86 W
    • Noise Level (in operation) High: 67 dB (A)
    • Low: 63 dB (A)
    • Safety Devices Photocell flame monitor 3A Fuse Overheat protection Tip-over switch Overvoltage detector

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