• Tuffbelt Portable Conveyor 4.5MTuffbelt Portable Conveyor 4.5MTuffbelt Portable Conveyor 4.5M

    Tuffbelt Portable Conveyor 4.5M


    Tuffbelt mini-maxi conveyor belts are excellent for hire equipment for builders, landscapers, renovation firms and development or demolition contractors. Ideal for transporting building materials and especially handy for areas with narrow access. Comes with accessories as pictured. Available in 4.5M - also comes in 3.0M length.





    • Weight 100kg
    • belt width 40cm
    • Motor power 230 V / 110 V / 370W
    • Belt speed 24m/min
    • maximum rising angle 24 degrees
    • stackable
    • individual units can be set up in a series at any angle
    • emergency stop buttons

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