2G40 – Double Cylinder Engine

Hatz 2G40 is a air cooled 2-cylinder four stroke Diesel engine with vertical cylinder


Air cooled 2-cylinder four stroke Diesel engine. Vertical cylinder. Crankcase made of alloy, pressure die-casting, parted, vertical in-line cylinders, grey cast iron. Single cylinder heads of light alloy. Three-slide bearing crankshaft with solid-forged counterweights.Valve control by rocker, push-rods, tappets and camshaft. Pressure circulating lubrication system with replaceable filter in main flow. Blower fan charging alternator integrated in the flywheel, no V-belt necessary.


Power9.8 - 17 kW
Max torque 53.6 Nm


  • Denoised: Due to constructional measure the noise emission has been reduced to a minimum
  • All purpose industrial Diesel engine.
  • Low weight due to design of alloy.
  • Low fuel consumption due to direct injection and multihole nozzles.
  • Favourable exhaust emission values below limits of EPA / CARB.
  • Robust and longe life-engine.
  • Low repair cost due to single cylinders and single cylinder heads.
  • Unusual reliability – because no V-belts.
  • Easy to service – automatic injection pump bleeding.
  • Reliable effortless starting thanks to automatic extra fuel device.
  • Optional rope- or electric start.