Super – Professional Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

Biemmudue hot water pressure cleaner has 2320psi and 15L per minute and ideal for the professional


The Super professional hot water high pressure cleaner from Biemmudue has 2320psi and 15L per minute is an ideal professional and compact pressure washer with high quality. It works with hot water at a maximum temperature of 140 degrees celcius.


Litres / minute15


  • Advanced control with delayed stop
  • Triplex plumger pump with three ceramic pistoms and brass head
  • 1450rpm motor
  • High pressure detergent injection system
  • Vuilt-in tank with floating valve
  • Water filter, accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine
  • Deisel level watning LED and boiler stop
  • Automatic shut down if idle for more than 20 mins
  • Front bumper
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Hour counter meter
  • Warning LED ‘machine ready’ and ‘malfunction’


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