KATO Mini Dumpers

Agile and versatile KATO Mini Dumpers

KATO Tracked Dumpers are ideal for transporting and moving various kinds of materials around the work yard and in places that are difficult to access. The major characteristics of these very compact solutions are their agility and versatility of use. This line of mini-dumpers has been developed to meet the material moving needs of construction and roadway worksites, guaranteeing total versatility thanks to a wide range of accessories.

  • CARRY 107.HTCARRY 107.HT

    CARRY 107.HT

    CARRY 107.HT

    Fast, safe and tireless, the Carry 107.HT tracked mini-dumper is the ideal solution for transportation and handling of various types of materials on site. The "hi-tip" kit helps enpty the skip from above where desired, directly into the truck and into specific skips.

    Brand: KATO




    • 700 kg tip capacity
    • Self Tensioning Tracks
    • Unit Weight 615 kg
    • Travel Speed 2.3/3.2 km/h
    • Powered by Honda GX390
    • 13 HP Petrol Engine
    • c/w High Tip Bucket
    • Expanding Tracks

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