What range of industrial engines is available in terms of power and size?

Hatz offers a wide range of industrial engines in terms of power and size. Their lineup includes smaller, lightweight single-cylinder engines suitable for universal applications and more powerful all-purpose B-Series diesel engines, providing options for various industrial needs.

What types of construction and industrial equipment can benefit from these engines?

Hatz engines are versatile and can benefit a range of construction and industrial equipment. These engines are known for their performance and reliability and are more commonly used in equipment such as generators, pumps, compressors, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

How easy is it to service and maintain Hatz industrial engines?

Servicing and maintaining Hatz engines is relatively easy. These engines are known for their durability and are designed for long-running performance. Additionally, YR provides ongoing service and support, making it convenient for customers to ensure the engines remain in optimal working condition.