What are reversible plate compactors?

Reversible plate compactors are heavy-duty construction machines designed to compress and flatten soil, gravel and other, they have on-the-spot compaction and allow the operator to move the unit forwards and backwards with more force than a forward plate compactor. Some come with a Compass compaction meter for better compaction results.

What types of reversible plate compactors are available?

YR offers both diesel and petrol reversible plate compactors to cater for different jobsite needs. The models range from 536kg for heavier civil construction tasks or the 68kg for tight spaces and lighter work for civil, construction and drainage.

Do you provide genuine spare parts for your plate compactor?

Yes, YR provides genuine Mikasa spare parts for their range of reversible plate compactors. Regular servicing of these units is recommended and quality replacement parts are available to maintain the performance and longevity of the equipment.