Why buy forward plate compactors?

What are forward plate compactors good for?

You can use forward plate compactors from Mikasa in tight spaces for compacting base materials from narrow trench work, driveways, garage floors, landscaping and asphalt work. Some of our forward plate compactors have a vibration absorbing system.

What forward plate compactor brands does Youngman Richardson stock?

We stock the Mikasa brand. Mikasa is one of New Zealand’s leading small compaction equipment brand, ideal for construction, civil and hire industries. It’s highly regarded for its compactors, vibrators, rammers, and more.

Does Youngman Richardson offer spare parts for Mikasa forward plate compactors?

Yes, we provide a complete range of genuine parts for our forward plate compactors. We also have a highly-regarded and award-winning backup service for your peace of mind!