What is a road-towable wood chipper?

A road-towable wood chipper is a portable machine designed to be easily towed behind a vehicle on roads. It is equipped with its own wheels, hitch, and towing mechanism, allowing it to be transported to different work sites.

What types of wood waste can be processed with a wood chipper?

A wood chipper, like those offered by Greenmech, can process various types of wood waste. This includes branches, logs and brush. The chipper’s powerful cutting mechanisms break down the wood into smaller, manageable chips or mulch.

What types of wood chippers does Greenmech offer?

Greenmech offers a range of wood chippers tailored to different needs. They provide road-towable options like the Arborist 200, Arborist 150, and Arborist 130, as well as tracked options like the ArbTrak 150. These models cater to different capacity requirements and operational preferences.