About Our Industrial Heaters

What industrial heater brands are available at Youngman Richardson?

We only work with names we trust, which is why we stock Biemmedue and Shizuoka industrial heaters in NZ. Biemmedue is a global leader in space heaters, professional dehumidifiers, and industrial cleaning machines, while Shizuoka has over 100 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry dating back to 1914.

What type of heaters can you buy from Youngman Richardson?

We stock a wide range of industrial heaters to suit various requirements. You can purchase the ever-popular diesel-fueled infrared heater or even electric infrared heaters.

What are industrial heaters suitable for?

Our industrial heaters are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Some are suitable for heating large, enclosed spaces like workshops and marquees, while others are ideal for wide, open spaces.