Material & Glass Handling Lifts

Material & Glass handling equipment from our excellent Genie & Wienold range

We stock a quality and reliable range of access equipment, and our glass and material handling equipment has a counterbalance weight system that can easily lift weights over obstacles and up against walls. Our glass handling equipment makes working with heavy loads that much easier and safer.

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    Mini Floor Crane


    The MFC 750 is the classic counterweight with two long, rear-facing arms with counterweights. In this version, it offers 900 kg static and 750 kg dynamic payload, which are brought to a hook height of 2.90 m height. Equipped with a winch, an MFC is ideal for lowering loads well below zero. The MFC was specially certified for dynamic payloads.

    Brand: Wienold-Lifts




    • Loading height: 0.85 m
    • Lifting height max: 2.90 m
    • Transport position - height: 1.00 m / length (without control bar): 1.20m / Width from: 0.65 m
    • Working position - height max: 1.92m / length (without control bar): 1.80m / width from: 0.65m
    • Telescope extension max: 1.4 m
    • Payload static max: 900 kg
    • Payload dynamic max: 750 kg
    • Weight of basic equipment (without optional extras): 206kg
    • Weight lateral boom (without optional extras): 30kg
    • Weight 2x box + 2x 14 weights: 48 kg

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