GML800 Wienold Material Lift

Wienold GML800 material lift allows 900kg to be lifted 3.5M or 800kg to be lifted 7.9M, can also manage glass lifting


The GML800 Lift series redefines the handling of heavy loads in a completely new way. The range offers unparalled safe working loads for material lifts of this type. The GML Range comes in a number of versions, powered by AC 240 volts, DC with battery packs or a manual winch. The GML800 allows up to 900kg to be lifted up to 3.5m or up to 800kg to a height of 7.9m.


Weight237 kg - 352 kg (chassis only) depending on model
Lift height min / max3.5M / 7.9M
Lift capacity min / max800kg / 900 kg


  • Glass lifting attachment: Compact for ease of transport
  • Fork lift pockets for easy loading
  • Quality construction