Material & Glass Handling Lifts

Material & Glass handling equipment from our excellent Genie & Wienold range

We stock a quality and reliable range of access equipment, and our glass and material handling equipment has a counterbalance weight system that can easily lift weights over obstacles and up against walls. Our glass handling equipment makes working with heavy loads that much easier and safer.

  • Winlet 575

    Winlet 575


    Winlet 575 – a revolutionary new way of installing windows. Using the Winlet 575 window robot, you can quickly and dramatically improve health and safety at work. Window elements weighing up to 575 kg can be lifted, transported and installed easily, without straining the back. The result will show on your bottom line, because your employers will be happier and more efficient, damage will be reduced and installation will be speeded up. Finally - a window robot which meets H&S requirements and improves efficiency.

    Brand: Monitor




    • Can handle heavy elements up to 575kg
    • Can fit through a 900mm doorway
    • Twin wheels for extra rough terrain
    • Lifting Fork and Lifting Hook
    • Radio Remote Control

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