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    K970 Ring Saw


    The Husqvarna K 970 Ring SAW has a cutting depth of 270 mm, twice the amount of a traditional power cutter. The K 970 Ring has a high cutting capacity, can make deep cuts from one side and is the quickest method for cutting small and medium-sized holes because no time is lost on installing rails. The power-to-weight ratio is first rate and features SmartCarb, a built-in automatic filter compensation and a highly efficient vibration dampening system. The K 970 Ring is also equipped with an X-Torq®engine, which reduces emissions up to 75 % and lowers fuel consumption by 20 %, and DuraStarter... a dust-sealed starter that boosts reliability and product life. Air Purge and a decompression valve make it very easy to start..

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • Cylinder displacement 93.6 cm3_
    • Power output 4.8 kW
    • Blade diameter 350 mm
    • Max cutting depth 270 mm
    • Weight 13.8 kg