Large Capacity Chippers

Large capacity wood chippers for New Zealand conditions

Increase productivity with our large capacity diesel and tractor-powered wood chippers from top brand names Arborist and Chipmaster. Our wood chippers are both simple and cost effective to use, and manufactured to be tough enough for New Zealand conditions. All purchases of large capacity wood chippers from our range of landscaping equipment is backed by our award-winning back-up service, with genuine spare parts available to keep your wood chipper and business running smoothly.

  • Arborist 150Arborist 150

    Arborist 150


    This is probably the most successful and sought-after 150mm wood chipper on the market. Available in two Kubota Diesel powered variations of 26hp or 34hp, this is the machine that has set the standards for quietness of operation, durability and performance. The Arborist 150 is a key component in many major hire companies and is often specified by professional contractors, tree surgeons, landscapers and local authorities.

    The backbone of the Arborist 150's design is based on a deep beam, high tensile steel chassis which creates tremendous strength and ensures a robust performance. A new, generous in-feed hopper, measuring 970mm x 790mm, means that free-flow of bulky material can be handled without having to trim to a more manageable size. As the material passes through twin, hydraulically powered feed rollers, the patented electronically controlled No-Stress system automatically manages the throughput of material to maximise chipping efficiency.

    Brand: Greenmech




    • 150mm chipping capacity
    • 26hp or 34hp Kubota diesel engine
    • Disc-Blade chipping technology
    • Bottom-bar Safety Mechanism
    • Twin hydraulic feed rollers
    • No-Stress power control
    • Sub 750kg weight

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