• 305 Automower

    305 Automower


    The third generation Automower® enters with a fully automatic lawn mower designed for smaller or more complicated grass areas. Compact, stylish and suitable for lawns up to 500 m2 (1/8 acre). The light-weight design makes it easy to lift and move for houses with front and back gardens. A true member of the successful Automower® family which means that the mower returns to the charging station when the battery needs recharging. Easy understandable backlit display and keypad for the personal settings and timer function. Equipped with anti-theft alarm and PIN-code lock. Available in two different colours; granite grey and polar white.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • Working area capacity 0.12 acre +/-20% / 500m2 +/-20%
    • Charging system Automatic
    • Maximum incline within the working area 14º /25 %
    • Battery type Li-ion
    • Typical charging time 90 min
    • Typical mow time on one charge 60 min
    • Maximum energy consumtion 9 kWh per month at 0.12 acre / 9 kWh per month at 500m2
    • Power consumption 20 W

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