• GH5.6 Super HoistGH5.6 Super Hoist

    GH5.6 Super Hoist


    Lightweight and portable, Genie® Super Hoist™ GH™ 5.6 material lifts are powered by CO2 or compressed air. Ideal for applications that require lifting, positioning and installing air ducts, plumbing, sheetrock, ceiling panels, heaters, chimney pipe, electrical fixtures and more.

    Brand: Genie




    • One-piece platform
    • Portable and compact design
    • Up and down dump valve can be easily activated by patented control handle
    • The Super Hoist sets up in seconds - no tools required
    • The one-piece platform attaches to cyinder with a twist of the wrist
    • Legs fold up for easy storage
    • Easy-to-release leg lock keeps legs up for storage and out for use
    • Wheel brakes
    • Auto-lubricating oil reserve on top of each piston inside the cylinder
    • Easy to service
    • Lifting Height: Up to 5.6m
    • Load Capacity: Up to 113kg
    • Unit Weight: 37kg

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