Concrete cutter provides power and grunt

Wellington based KCC Limited are the specialists when it comes to concrete cutting and boring particularly in the area of earthquake strengthening and deconstruction.

KCC Limited, whilst only having been in business for a little over two years, have already handled some major projects with the biggest to date being the partial deconstruction of the CentrePort Thorndon Container Wharf on Wellington’s harbour front. The wharf was damaged as a result of tremors associated with the Kaikoura earthquake and much of the work involves the cutting up of concrete into solid blocks weighing anywhere between 13 and 50 tonnes.

“As part of the repair/rebuilding process the wharf is being deconstructed rather than demolished which provides more control over the process and is safer in the long run,” says KCC Managing Director, Keith van der Westhuizen. “With this in mind we purchased a Husqvarna FS 7000DL concrete cutter, so we could cut through slabs up to 600mm thick.” says Keith.

Other things that impress Keith about the Husqvarna FS 7000DL are its cleaner cutting and its low emissions. Surprisingly the operators have found it easier to handle and operate given its size. “This concrete cutter has been a great asset for us to date mostly because it speeds up the work which ultimately makes us both more effective and proficient,” says Keith.

Since starting up, KCC Limited has purchased much of its concrete cutting and boring equipment from Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd. “Husqvarna manufacture great products. The new technology is world leading, environmentally friendly and very efficient.” says Keith.

According to Keith, Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd’s customer support is outstanding. “They back their products 100% and there has been a lot of collaboration”.  

Having good state of the art equipment has helped KCC Limited grow their reputation. But that’s only half of it. Having great people to operate the gear is also good for business. This is something they have found out from the positive feedback they have already received to date for their work.