New IHIMER 12VXE Mini digs deep

Ideal for construction work, landscaping and pipe laying, the IHIMER 12VXE out performs other excavators in its class digging up to 2 metres deep by virtue of its exceptional breakout and digging forces.

It may be small, but this machine is guaranteed to give top-of-the-range performance with particular attention given to maintenance. Powered by a 9.4 KW Yanmar engine, not only is the 12VXE quiet and efficient, it also comes with a full tiltable seat for easy access to engine components. Reducing down to a height of 1.7 metres and weighing in at only 1.2 tonnes, the IHIMER 12VXE can easily be transported on the back of a 3.5 tonne van, no worries. 

Darfield based 73 Hire recently became the first hire company in New Zealand to purchase the IHIMER. So impressed were they with its capabilities that they have bought a second machine and added an IHIMER Carry 110 Mini Dumper to complete the package.