Youngman Richardson launches new product initiative

YR Connect Asset Security & Service is a new cloud-based product recently introduced by Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd to assist its customers with the servicing, maintenance and security of its construction equipment assets, all from their mobile.

Sales Director, Phil Fairfield believes this is a big step forward for the company and will provide not only another level of service but add to the company’s reputation for outstanding customer support. “There has been a lot of time and effort involved in developing YR Connect and I would like to thank all those who made a contribution to this project,” says Phil. “This has been massive for us and I am delighted to see that we have a product that will assist with the longevity of our client’s equipment and will stand up to the highest scrutiny. Again, the beauty of this system is that all the information can be accessed from a customer’s computer or mobile.”

YR Connect Asset Security & Service uses cloud-based GPS tracking software to help locate in real time asset locations, regardless of size whether it’s a large excavator or small plate compactor and provide protection against the possibility of theft. Essentially this means the equipment is actively monitored and should the asset be stolen it can be immobilized for quicker recovery. Another security benefit is the ability of YR Connect to provide automatic alert messages when a machine crosses over a preset virtual boundary line.

YR Connect also sends real time scheduled and automated service reminders. Alerts are set to service milestones for each machine many of which are required to meet warranty conditions. This in turn means that our qualified workshop or on-site service teams are aware of these needs and can provide the scheduled maintenance as required to minimise downtime.