YRCO partners with NOTION_one

As recently reported in DOW magazine, NOTION_one is an event and training space where like-minded people in the building industry can enjoy events and collaborate. The space is a place for suppliers to the industry to connect with architects & building professionals looking for information about products and services for the building sector.

Youngman Richardson & Co. Ltd. has been involved with finishing the concrete floor using the HiPERFLOOR system from Husqvarna. Available in three finishes, contractors and specifiers are able to visit NOTION_one and view the Industrial, Commercial and Premium concrete floor finishes.

Originally known as Pro Clima NZ the organisation was conceived in conjunction with architects and building professionals who identified the need for a body that could focus on promoting healthy high quality and weathertightness building products.

As a partner of NOTION_one, YRCO will be hosting upcom­ing events using this great new facility in Auckland.