Twin 46″ HTX Ride-on Powerfloat Diesel Hydrostatic

Multiquip HTX6H is a non-overlapping twin 46-inch (914 mm) hydrostatic ride-on concrete trowel


The HTX Series 8-foot (2.4 meters) hydrostatic trowel features innovative technology, operator comfort and ease of operation that concrete contractors expect from the industry leader.


RotorsTwin 46" / 1168mm non-overlapping
Weight1063 kg
Blade speed10-160 rpm
Path width2336 mm
Engine70HP Hatz 4H50TIC turbo diesel engine


  • Greater Fuel Efficiency – operating costs are reduced by an electronic governor that delivers only the precise amount of fuel required to meet engine load.
  • SmartPitch control allows operator to synchronize the pitch of both rotors with the simple touch of a button.
  • Power Management senses load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to ensure the unit operates at peak efficiency under all conditions. Eliminates engine bogging under severe loads.
  • Proportional hydraulic steering has been enhanced and offers improved responsiveness with minimal effort on the part of the operator.
  • Cruise Control enables operator to electronically lock in preferred rotor speed and reduces fatigue.
  • 6-blade rotors
  • Hydrostatic drive consistently delivers the high torque required for pan applications

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