Portable Dust Fighter

The YRPRO Brendon portable dust suppression unit can be used at flow rates from 12 - 25 L/min with the YRPRO Brendon powerwasher


YRPRO Brendon’s DT400 unique water powered dust and odour suppression dust fighter can be used with a powerwasher / waterblaster to suit individual site conditions. It is a light-weight mobile machine that can be used up to 75M away from the powerwasher which is ideal for controlling dust conditions on construction and demolition sites without the need for electrical power supply.

The machine can also be mounted on one of the YRPRO Brendon Powerwashers to offer a versatile wau for cleaning and dust or odour suppression.

Ideal for use in construction sites, indoor & outdoor demolition works, waste water treatment plants, asbestos removal, recycling industry, mining sites and odour control.


Max water volume25 L / Min
Weight with trolley51kg


  • Max pressure: 250 Bar
  • Water atomisation: 4-8 L/min
  • Tilt angle: 0-42 degrees
  • Air flow: Up to 90 cubic Metres /min
  • Fan diameter: 400mm
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 820mm x 960mm
  • Medium – Coverage 64 S/qm, Duration 2 Hr 25 Mins, Distance 7 M
  • Single nozzle change from dust to odour control
  • Adjustable spray angle
  • Controlled water delivery to site
  • Recycle drive water back to powerwasher or dump to waste
  • No elecrical suply required
  • Can be used outdoors (powerwasher running outside)
  • Quiet operation
  • Water nozzle filer
  • High pressure on/off valve
  • Can be mounted to any YRPRO brendon Powerwasher (mounting kit required)