300mm Industrial Blower with Ducting

YRPRO portable air blower with 4.5M of ducting is perfect for air circulation and getting rid of waste gas

YRAP220012 / YRAP22013

Our YRPRO 300mm portable air blower with portable ducting has low power consumption and large wind volume, pressure and low noise. For ventilation use in warehousing, basements and car parks.

Suitable for undergound, telecommunications, repairing tunnel projects.


Blade size (cm)30
Air Volume (CFM)1900
Weight (kg)Blower: 11.5kg / Ducting: 10


  • High-performance motor
  • Durable and firm structure
  • Stackable
  • Comes with 4.5 M of ducting in an attachable canister
  • Plastic handle for easy moving and best insulation
  • Large fan blades
  • Flexible soft ducting – high pressure under long distance

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