DE120 Dust Collector / Vac

Husqvarna DE120 is a powerful single-phase HEPA professional dust extractor suitable for use with larger hand-held powertools, floor and hand grinders, shotblasters and scarifiers.


Its performance and sturdiness make the DE120 ideal for demanding, heavy-duty applications.

It features a user-friendly HMI and an e-flow function that automatically adjusts air flow while securing high runtime from the batteries. Its high water protection emables fast and efficient decntamination.


Maximum theoretical airflow 450 cubic M / hr
Phases 1
Rated input 2.2 kW


  • Complies with the latest H-class standards for dust extractors for heavy-duty usage
  • Contains a HEPA filter (with EN1822 certification)
  • e-flow automatically adjusts air flow to prolong time between filter cleanings
  • Easy to clean and maintain with high water protection standard for easy cleaning and decontamination of the machine.
  • Width 542 mm
  • 1 x 230 V

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