HTC DURATIQ 8 Planetary Head Grinder

The DURATIQ 8 is a grinder built with the focus on operational reliability, precision, control and power and a grinding width of 800mm


The DURATIQ 8 is a grinder built on an entirely new platform generation, with the focus on operational reliability, precision, control and power. Among other things, the machine has an entirely new and intuitive, digital control panel, as well as equally smart remote control. The completely dustproof, hermetically sealed design of the grinding head and electrical enclosure increases the service life of all components, while impr oving grinding precision. The well-balanced chassis design makes the DURATIQ 8 easier to operate, with better ergonomics and increased safety.

The machine can be configured in many different ways. As an example, you can choose between three or four grinding heads, remote control as well as the water package. Read more about all the options and benefits at:


Power12 kW / 15 kW
Number of grinding discs3 x 270mm or 4 x 270mm
Grinding width 800mm
Grinding Pressure


  • The ultimate choice for professional flooring contractors.
  • Increased torque means a stronger machine and improved floor preparation.
  • Optimised and encapsulated belts in a dust-free and moisture-free environment provide a longer service life.
  • Wide grinding path.
  • Hermetically sealed grinding head protects essential components from moisture and dust. Dual sealing for moving parts.
  • Stable grinding head – two-part grinding head in cast aluminium produces less vibration and a more uniform scratch pattern
  • Tilt sensor with overturn guard.