WS220 Wall Saw

The Husqvarna WS 220 system with PRIME™ technology is designed for quick and easy assembly sawing up to 395mm thick reinforced concrete


The compact, convenient Husqvarna WS 220 system with PRIME™ technology is designed for quick and easy assembly. This makes it ideal for smaller and mid-size jobs, where for safety or ergonomics you shouldn’t use a handheld cutter. It’s even easy enough for an occasional operator to use.
But don’t underestimate it – with a 900 mm W 1405 Diagrip™ blade, this system handles any wall sawing job up to 395 mm thick reinforced concrete. Yet it fits on a convenient trolley, and thanks to the low total system weight you can transport it in a minivan. Use it with 1-phase power supply if 3-phase isn’t available at the site. Wall sawing really can be made easier!


Blade diameter min: 500 mm.
Blade diameter max: 900 mm.
Cutting Depth max: 395 mm
Weight: 92 kg


  • Water-cooled electric motor gives constant high power to the spindle over a wide rpm range for faster and more efficient sawing.
  • the powerful 2-speed gearbox produces a wide rpm range and has the capacity to handle blades with diameters up to 900mm.
  • The saw head wights only 19kg and delivers an impressive 6 kW (3-phase) on the spindle.
  • The wireless remote control has an ergonomic design with a large and clear display which shows the current performance of the saw.
  • The saw’s modular design and even weight distribution cake it easy to carry and handle.
  • Blade motor and both feeding motors can be operated individually at the same time with maximum power.
  • Comes with a transport trolley that carries the entire wall sawing system, which has a total weight of about 90 kilos. There is also room for a handheld power cutter

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