1D90 – Single Cylinder Engine

Hatz 1D90 single cylinder engine – 11.2 kW max max torque of 40.7 Nm


The Hatz D series is best suited for challenging tasks. It is characterized by high power and the unique design in particular. Thus, with 11.2 kW, the 1D90 engine is the highest performance single-cylinder diesel engine in the world. A compensation weight on the flywheel side crank arm as well as balance weights cast in the flywheel ensure the special quiet running of the D series. Optionally available counter-rotating balance shafts even ensure 100% 1st-order counter balance.


Power 5.8 - 11.2 kW
Max. torque 40.7 Nm


  • Demised: emission of noise reduced to the absolute minimum by means of design features and precision manufacture.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Favourable exhaust gas valuesºEPA / CARB certified.
  • Robust: long life engine.
  • Extensive interchange ability of parts within the engine family D .
  • Reliable: no V-belts.
  • Easy to service: automatic injection pump bleeding.
  • Friendly to the environment: crankcase breather leads into the intake port.
  • Reliable effortless starting thanks to automatic extra fuel device.
  • Hand start or electric start available.
  • Sound reduced by capsule

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