4L41C – 4 Cylinder Engine

4L41C four cylinder engine has a max power of 54.2 kW and max torque 196.3 Nm


Air cooled 2, 3 and 4 cylinder four stroke Diesel engines, modular design. Grey cast iron crankcase, vertical inline cylinders. Crankshaft and condor running on shell bearing. Individual cylinders (grey cast iron), individual cylinder heads (light metal) and individual injection pumps. Dismantling of piston and condor possible in upwards direction. Direct injection with multihole nozzle.Valve control via camshaft, tappets, rocker and pushrod. Separate camshaft for drive of injection pump with centrifugal variable speed governor and automatic injection timer. Pressure feed lubrication with gear pump. Oil cooler and filter in main flow. Axialtype blower fan with incorporated alternator. The Silent Pack is an engine of family L with noiseproof capsule. The easy accessibility of maintenance and operating points remains unchanged also with the Silent Pack engines.


Power27.0 - 54.2 kW
Max torque196.3 Nm


  • The Diesel engine ready for installation and operation
  • All purpose industrial Diesel engines.
  • Extremely low fuel and oil consumption.
  • Exhaust emission well below all valid limits for operating machines in EU USA and Japan .
  • Robust and long life engine.
  • Extensive parts interchange ability due to modular system.
  • Low repair cost due to individual cylinders individual cylinderheads and individual injectionpumps.
  • Unusual reliability because of:
  • Automatic belt control
  • Automatic extra fuel device
  • Drytype air filter protected against severe contamination.
  • Camshaft and oil pump driven by gear wheel
  • Easy to service because of:
  • Automatic injection pump bleeding
  • Operating and maintenance points at one engine side only
  • Hydraulic belt tensioned
  • The most silent industrial Diesel engine of its class.
  • The capsule reduces the engine noise