CUBE PRO Stand Alone Light Tower

The V20 PRO combines 100% battery-powered supply, with the latest generation Generac Mobile hybrid ower supply with a low consumption diesel engine for up to 785 hr running time


The new CUBE+ HYBRID light tower is equipped with a hybrid powering system. The extreme compactness and the new special features make this model ideal to be used during events or areas with low noise or carbon dioxide emission requirements

The CUBE Hybrid provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation without carbon dioxide emissions, fuel consumption nor noise, thanks to the battery pack. The special dry batteries are able to be recharged in few hours from either an external power source or from the built-in backup generator. With a running time of up to 342 hrs thanks to the hybrid features and LED lamps.

Ideal for entertainment, construction and hire industries.


Total running time up to 785 Hrs
Total lumen 139200 lm
Illuminated area 3100m2
Wind speed resistance110km/h


  • 8.1M Hydraulic Mast
  • Fully Bunded
  • 58dB(A) @ 7 metres
  • Mast rotation: 340 degrees
  • Dry weight: 1146kg
  • Zero Noise
  • Zero Pollution
  • Mast rotation 340 degrees
  • Tank capacity 100 litres
  • Kubota S482 engine
  • AGM battery pack
  • Liquid engine cooling
  • 4 x 240 W high-efficiency G4 LED floodlights
  • Darkness sensor and digital timer for automatic start and stop
  • 25%-100% Dimmer
  • Max total lumen between 25%-100% dimmer: 41040-139200
  • Max illuminated area between 25%-100% dimmer: 1500-3100 square metres
  • Battery recharging time between 25%-100% dimmer: 6h 11 minutes – 4h 29 minutes
  • Running time Battery between 25%-100% dimmer: 19h 46 minutes – 3h 45 minutes
  • Running time Generator between 25%-100% dimmer: 275 – 208 hours
  • Running time Hybrid between 25%-100% dimmer: 785 – 300 hours

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