Wienold Panel Lift

Wienold Panel Lift easily lifts plasterboard panels with a max reach of 3.35M and load capacity of 68kg.


The panel lift enables plasterboard panels to be precisely positioned and easily screwed together without physical exertion.

The special tilting slide can be adapted to the mounting angles and adjusted to the panel dimensions using adjustable brackets. The triple telescopic mast brings the plate to a maximum height of 3.55m. The mast has a 3mm thick wire rope from the aviation industry, which ensures high stability


Max. Height3.55M
Loading Height:86cm
Panel Dimensions1.25 x 3.75M


  • Maximum load: 68kg
  • Unit weight: 45kg
  • Has a 1 speed winch
  • Large steering wheel
  • Cam brake
  • Reverse lock to prevent unit rolling
  • C/w collapsible 3-legged foot with swivel castors for easy mobility
  • Fits into almost any truck when dismantled