Battery-Powered Mikasa 68kg Reversible Plate Compactor

Mikasa 68kg Battery-Powered Reversible Plate Compactor - ideal for civil engineering, construction, drainage contractors & hire industry where low emissions are a must


Mikasas 68kg hydraulic reversible plate compactor is the lightest in the range and incorporate a unique hydraulic system that eliminates old fashioned cables and linkages. The zero-emission power unit model emits no exhaust fumes and does not polute the air.

There are no complicated mechanical drive shafts or cables to create problems therefore greatly reducing servicing and downtime. All Mikasa reversible plates have on the spot compaction and full variable speed allowing for slow travel and/or a neutral position allowing the operator to manoeuvre the unit in tight spaces which helps eliminate damges to surrounding structures.

Is ideally suited for civil engineering, construction and drainage contractors as well as the hire industry and the ideal size for paving ashphalt.


Plate (mm) W x L350 x 480
Centrifugal Force12.0kN
EngineHonda DC Power unit 2.4 kW


  • Travel speed max 24m/min
  • Full variable speed control
  • On the spot compaction
  • Fold-up handles for transportation and storage
  • Roll bar protecting frame incorporating a lifting point
  • Protective rubber hood for engine
  • Fully enclosed belt guard
  • Electric start
  • Optional water tank for asphalt work