Selwood High Head H200 Pump

The Selwood Super Silent, diesel-powered H200 pump is a compact, high performance machine with a capacity of 750 cubic metres per hour.


Our ‘H Pumps’ offer maximum performance and efficiency for high head, high pressure dewatering. These efficient models offer total heads up to 158m, mechanical shaft sealing, Selprime® automatic self-priming and emission compliant engines. Ideal for high head and high-pressure applications, they’re simple to operate and maintain. Our H Pumps are perfect for High head dewatering, Pipeline testing & Water boosting.

High Head & High Efficiency, Environmentally Friendly, Selprime Auto Self Priming, Indefinite Dry Running 80mm – 200mm. Options: Canopy and Standard Options. Super Silent from 62db(A)


Capacity: cubic meters / hr750
Total Head mm: 158
Max. Solids mm: 45


  • Total Heads up to 750m
  • Self priming Lift: 8.8M
  • Mechanical Shaft Sealing
  • Power Required: 330kW
  • Pump Speed: 1800rpm
  • Environmentally Friendly Selprime Automatic Self Priming
  • HM-Hard Metal Pumps for Abrasive Applications
  • Emission Compliant Engines
  • Ease of Operation & Maintenance
  • Proven Design

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