Selwood Positive Displacement ‘PD’ Range Pumps

Selwood positive displacement high head pumps offer maximum performance and efficiency for high head, high pressure dewatering.

PD Range

The PD75/PD100 pumps range offers maximum performance and efficiency for oil spill response, recovery and clean-up operations. These efficient models offer total head of 20-30.5m depending on the model, mechanical shaft sealing, Selprime® automatic self-priming and emission compliant engines. Ideal for high head and high-pressure applications, they’re simple to operate and maintain.

Environmentally Friendly, Selprime Auto Self Priming, Indefinite Dry Running. Super silent and designed to stack up to 3 units.


Capacity: cubic meters / hr PD75 / PD10030 / 75
Total Head mm: PD75 / PD10030.5 / 20
Max. Solids mm: PD75 / PD1006mm / 16mm


  • Non Turbulent Flow
  • Indefinite Dry Running
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Automatic Self-Priming
  • Emission Compliant Engine
  • Ease of Operation & Maintenance
  • Proven Design
  • Models available PD75: 2-wheeled site petrol; 2-wheeled site diesel; Static electric; Super silent
  • Models available PD100: 2-wheeled site diesel