• DXR300 Demolition Robot


    DXR 300 is our most powerful remote-controlled demolition robot. Together with the hammer, SB 302, it has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class on the market. With an impressive 22 kW power and only 78cm wide it fits through all normal doorways. This unique combination opens up a very wide application window. The arm delivers long reach, precise positioning of the tool and requires minimal servicing. The outriggers are individually controlled and combined with a large footprint providing superior stability which enables high workload. The robust DXR 300 is a versatile demolition robot for both the construction and process industry. Combine it with a variety of tools like hammers or our compact and versatile crushers and steel shearer. For the toughest applications we recommend our additional feature packages. For DXR 300 we offer cylinder protection, enhanced cooling and heat protection. This enables you to work with the machine in high ambient temperatures and with the tool in a high radiation heat. The packages can be ordered as accessories or installed direct from the factory.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • Forward Reach 4.9 M
    • Horizontal Reach 5.2 M
    • Product Size length: 2.827 M
    • Product Size width: 780 mm
    • Product Size height: 1.367 M
    • Power: 22 kW
    • Weight: 1960 kg

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